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Durable water-repellent

(DWR) coating reactivation services for outdoor garments

Professional Services for DWR Revitalization Developed in Japan.
Specialized cleaning service for waterproof and breathable materials such as Gore-Tex.

Outdoor gear Sustainable Solutions Services

We are a venture company developing outdoor maintenance technology in Japan



Provides the same level of DWR performance as the product being manufactured.



We can repair fabric tears as well as peeling seam tapes and other specialized repairs.



Return to a clean surface condition for DWR fixation.

What kind of outdoor gear

Features of DROPROOF


Our Purpose

⇒Solutions for those who are dissatisfied with the performance of DWR performed at home
⇒Solutions for those who have concerns about washing and DWR methods.
⇒Solutions for those who have failed in washing and DWR
⇒Solutions for stains and odors that cannot be removed

Why can we do it?

This service was created because of our rental service.
⇒More than 100 pieces of GORE-TEX® clothing were ruined before the service started.
⇒This method was developed through many failures because the rental clothes could be used for research and development.
⇒Therefore, the concept of this service is different from that of a regular dry cleaning service.


How well does it perform DWR?

DWR performance should not be viewed in terms of initial performance.
However, there is no clear test to measure how long a DWR will last.
Therefore, we evaluate DWR performance by conducting several tests

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We have been aware of the need for DWR processing under more severe conditions than during product manufacturing for 10 years, and after much research, we have launched DROPROOF, a factory-based DWR processing service, in Japan in 2015.


Challenge x droproof

A conversation with a man who overcame paraplegia and the CEO of droproof.

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