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What do we want to solve?

For products used outdoors, such as rainwear and tents, that have been treated with DWR, we perform optimal cleaning and apply a "DANSUI coating" to reactive the DWR that has fallen off,
This is a maintenance service to make your outdoor life more comfortable.

What is "DANSUI coating"?

This is a proprietary water repellent reprocessing technology of SORANOSHITA Co.


What's the difference?

High-quality materials for outdoor wear cannot perform as well as they should without DWR.
However, with the shift to PFC-free materials, DWR performance has declined.

As a solution, it has become necessary to reactivate DWR through maintenance, but self-maintenance has its limitations.
However, self-maintenance has its limitations because there is a big difference between production and self-maintenance DWR, not only in the water repellent but also in the process.
So we decided to rebuild from the DWR process.
Instead of giving up the format of selling only the water repellent and having people treat it at home,
We perfected our quality service in the form of re-DWR treatment at the factory.

Disadvantages due to lower DWR

Decreased DWR of outdoor gear can lead to injuries and accidents.

DWR degradation can be caused by a variety of soils, including rain, mud, sweat from the body, and dirt from sebum.
In addition, the DWR may be reduced due to abrasion of the fabric surface.
As a result, the fabric surface gets wet quickly in the rain.

Decrease in comfort

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Become heavy

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High water repellency

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Focus on durability

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No loss of moisture permeability

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